A few weeks ago, we decided to rebuild our front-end from scratch. We evaluated a few react-based starter kits and found Max Stoiber’s React-boilerplate closest to our preferences — it also helps that there is a strong community around it.

Our only hangup: React-boilerplate doesn’t support server-side rendering (SSR). Many other developers are also asking for it on their GitHub issues and even a partial implementation exists. But, it’s still far from merge-ready.

At first, we wanted to hire someone to build it for us. Then we thought, well once it’s built, it might as well benefit the whole community. And if the whole community is benefitting, maybe some of the members in the community would be willing to financially contribute towards it.

So, with that in mind, we want to invite anyone who wants to see see Server-side Rendering support in React-boilerplate: please help us raise money by donating at https://opencollective.com/react-boilerplate. We have a developer (thanks, Diego Haz) who is ready to work on it and we need $850 to deliver the feature. We (Open Collective) has contributed the first $250 towards it.

All the money collected will go to React-boilerplate. When the feature is merged, Diego will directly invoice React-boilerplate’s collective. As with all Open Collectives, financial transactions — donations and expenses — will be publicly visible for complete transparency.