OCF Updates We Love β€” Autumn 2021

OCF Updates We Love β€” Autumn 2021
Open Collective Foundation

Check out these inspirational updates from initiatives hosted by Open Collective Foundation:

🌟 Rogers Parks Free Store has distributed over 14,000 necessary items within their community in Chicago.

🌟 Study-into-Action shares their next steps following the completion of their cohort to progress the solidarity economy movement. View all the recordings here.

🌟 The Endurance Scholarship celebrates 1 year of awarding scholarships to Chicagoland students of color.

🌟 We Got This Seattle has raised over $80,000 to provide to over 50,000 frontline workers.

🌟 Ridgewood Community Garden is fundraising to improve their communal plots in Queens, NY.

The Ridgewood Community Garden is a volunteer group of friends and neighbors who have been growing organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers since 2016.

🌟 FAVOR (Food Access Volunteers of Roslindale) has grown its partnerships in order to distribute food in Boston, MA. More info about how to get involved here.

FAVOR's campaign "Pass on your P-EBT" to help the food insecure
FAVOR's campaign "Pass on your P-EBT"

🌟 The Womanist Working Collective is hosting a healers and helpers therapy matchmaking virtual event this November 21.

🌟 We welcome new initiative San Antonio Review, a publication of original essays, poetry, art, & theory to OCF. Volume V is now available for purchase.

San Antonio Review Volume V

🌟 Drive by Howdy's team works hard to provide resources and support to the unhoused people of Austin, TX.

🌟 GeekBeacon Foundation has extended their social good virtual conference to be a multi-day event with an extra track focus on mental health & wellness.

GeekBeacon's New Merch - black baseball cap with a robot
GeekBeacon's New Merch

🌟 Ward 2 Mutual Aid supports their DC community to fulfill mutual aid requests, aid unhoused neighbors, and build solidarity.

🌟 Food Not Bombs Raleigh has recently gained access to an industrial kitchen for cooking, has a thriving community garden, delivers groceries to families, set up free pantries throughout the city, and fulfilled clothing requests to those in need in NC.

🌟 Ward 2 Mutual Aid is organizing resistance against forced evictions, distributing cash assistance, delivering groceries, operating a bilingual "warm line", and fills mutual aid requests in Washington, DC.

🌟 Social Health Labs has awarded two microgrants to recipients making social health a priority.

🌟 Circle City Mutual Aid shares free basic needs, survival, hygiene, and harm reduction items with the downtown Indianapolis community every Sunday, no questions asked.

Circle City Mutual Aid Fall 2021 Newsletter

🌟 Deportation Accountability Project received support to file almost $400 worth of FOIA requests to bring deportation decisions into the public light.  

🌟 Community Kitchen MPLS's volunteers make, pack, and deliver hundreds of meals each week to unhoused neighbors in Minneapolis.

Community Kitchen MPLS August 2021 Totals: 1,400 meals at 60 cents each
Community Kitchen MPLS August 2021

🌟 Privacy Guides has grown beyond a simple website into a thriving community full of resources and users.

🌟 ABQ Free Fridge built and opened their first free fridge in New Mexico!

ABQ Free Fridge's First freedge in Albuquerque
ABQ Free Fridge's First freedge in Albuquerque

🌟 ATX Mental Health Fund has redistributed more than $20,000 since starting out last year.

🌟 Minneapolis Quarry Community Mutual Aid works to keep their community safe and clean and residents provided with tents and donations.

🌟 Little Read Books has had to close their bookstore, but still continues to operate their weekly book stand every Saturday at 11 am in Denver, CO. Read their newsletter here.

🌟 Fridays For Future U.S. (grassroots youth-led protests for climate justice) is now hosted by OCF!

🌟 Twisted Fields Research Collective's open-source farming robot, Acorn, was featured in Hackaday.

Twisted Fields Research Collective's open-source farming robot, Acorn,

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