Open Collective Design

Design can drive action in the open source ecosystem—we can help!

Open Collective Design

Design can drive action in the open source ecosystem—we can help.

The Open Source Community has taught us important things about collaborating between peers and achieving great things together.

A lot of people trying to solve a problem together is, in fact, the foundation of what we call creativity. It’s the capacity to see something from numerous vantage points, increasing the chances to succeed.

That’s why I find it weird that the design world sometimes feels so closed, as if only an elite few can participate in creating ‘good design’. In the internet era, we can accomplish more by combining our efforts. Design has the potential to bring people together.

What is Open Collective Design?

Open Collective Design is a Collective of its own in the Open Collective family. We aim for the decentralization of design solutions and the production process, inside Open Collective and in the world.

We bring the same open source ethos as Open Collective as a whole, and as the many Collectives as the platform, but applied to the world of design.

Open Collective Design has been delivering design solutions for the Open Collective platform and its related initiatives from the start, in a fast-paced, iterative way. We are the people behind design across the platform.

Now, we are gradually opening up. Our strategy is to foster connections between all the players in the community, including other Collectives, organizations, and individuals. We are ready to work with all kinds of groups, beyond Open Collective Inc.

Our mission is to help Open Collectives through design.

Our design offerings

  • Provide high-quality design solutions that help Collectives develop their brands, inspire their contributors, and raise financial contributions more effectively.
  • Foster and encourage a community of designers to contribute through tasks of different sizes and complexity.
  • Produce or supervise design-related projects, in order to assure better results for any design deliverable.

Our skills

  • Interface design (UI)
  • User experience (UX)
  • Branding and graphic design
  • Content strategy
  • User research
  • Design research and documentation

About the Team

We are a small team based in Guadalajara, Mexico 🇲🇽 working first as a part of the Open Collective team, and now as a co-op of people with different practices, ideas, and perspectives.

We’re here to help our beautiful ecosystem grow. 🖤

Raul, Linda, Memo, and Cuiki — three designers and an engineer.

Need design help? Want to talk? Shoot us an email!