July 2018 Open Collective Newsletter

Welcome file-icons, PyThess Meetup, TorontoJS, vulcan, ruijinet,Free Code Camp Philly, Unirx, go-prompt, cryptpad and publii to Open…

July 2018 Open Collective Newsletter

Welcome file-icons, PyThess Meetup, TorontoJS, vulcan, ruijinet,Free Code Camp Philly, Unirx, go-prompt, cryptpad and publii to Open Collective! We love seeing Go, Python & Dot Net projects and & Free Code Camps joining the movement! 🎉🌈

Back Your Stack!

We started Back Your Stack to help companies discover the open source projects they are using that need financial support. Our goal is to arm champions in each company with a tool to help them make the case internally for supporting the projects they depend on. We want to make it easy for you to review your company’s open source stack and provide a way for sustaining it.

Shiny new look!

We relaunched our homepage to better reflect what we do and how you can join this movement. Check out the sections for Open Collective Chapters and Hosts, how to become a Sponsor or a backer and swing by the most active collectives!

Trivago is doubling down on their open source support!

Trivago is renewing their commitment to webpack’s sustainability that last year came up to be an amazing $120,000 contribution. Read more about it in Sean Larkin’s announcement blog post.

Wait, there’s more! They are also partnering with Babel to fund their community with a $24,000 support sponsorship.

Explaining why they are doubling down on their support, Patrick Gotthardt mentions some of the unique dividends they received and weren’t expecting:

Use it, take care of yourselves out there!

Free Membership for Open Source!

Did you know that 1Password has a free Teams Membership for your open source project? Read more about it and how to apply.

News & Inspiration

Read Coinbase blog post on their Open Source Fund edition for May and June!

Nadia Eghbal latest blog post “Methodologies for measuring project health” raises an interesting question, are contributions the best metric to measure an open source project’s health?

Don’t forget: SustainOSS is taking place in London Oct. 25th Join us at changelog’s slack #sustain if you want to contribute.

Tweets that make us proud:

Last month’s Leaderboard

These are the top 10 backers from the last 30 days. Consider this when choosing where to work!
1- Trivago! ($10,000 monthly to webpack)
2 — Frontend Masters ($5,500 one-time to webpack)
3 — Facebook Open Source ($4,850 monthly to webpack, babel, storybook, material-ui, gatsby, mobx, vue, rollup , electron, jest and parse-server)
4- Coinbase ($4,500 monthly rubytogether, babel, mobx, webpack, styled-components)
5 — Airbnb ($4,375 monthly to babel, chaijs, cheerio, jest react-virtualized, redux-devtools-extension, rspec, rubocop, sinon, storybook, webpack, Ruby Together, yeoman)
6 — Amp ($2,700 monthly to babel, document-register-element, preact, rollup, webpack)
7 — Material-UI earned themselves $2645 from carbon ads on their website! (we wrote about this here)
8 — ag-Grid ($2,500 monthly to webpack)
9 — BCGDV ($2,495 one time to webpack & babel)
10 — Hogia Group ($2,000 monthly to aurelia)

These are the top 5 collectives by number of new backers…
1 — unirx +31 backers
2 — webpack +25 backers
3 — darkreader +20 backers
4 — dim +14 backers
5- vulcan +13 backers

…and the top 5 new collectives (created in the last month) by amount received.
1 — vulcan ($1,040)
2 — unirx ($498)
3 — thenewcitizen-europe (€400)
4 — cryptpad ($177)
5 — iview ($100)

Got any news or stories to share in a future newsletter? Or questions you’d like answered? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.
 — the Open Collective Team