Open Collective Newsletter — October 2018

SustainOSS, Public API, Pledges and more!

Open Collective Newsletter — October 2018

SustainOSS, Public API, Pledges and more!

SustainOSS 2018 Summit

Last week, we helped usher a second edition of SustainOSS. It was a fantastic event, one that we feel pushed the conversation forward about how to sustain open source. This year, using the conversations we’ve had during Sustain 2017 in SF as a base, we mapped out a common framework about sustainability and came up with concrete projects for the future.

At its core, sustainability refers to the resilience — understood as the capacity to withstand changes in a project’s resources, community and environment — and the thriving of projects, the communities and the individuals that surround them. When we talk about sustainability, we are talking both and equally about the sustainability of resources and the sustainability of its people.

It was a day of sharing & contrasting visions, of offering help & support, of listening & learning that brought together sustainers from projects, corporations, foundations, government and academia. We couldn’t be prouder of having been a part of it. Stay tuned for report and next steps! @sustainOSS

Open Collective’s Public GraphQL API is live 🚀

We’re happy to announce the preview of our public GraphQL API (aka v2). Based on everything we learned with our internal GraphQL API (aka v1), we built something for everyone to use. We’re pretty excited, because it’s the first step in upgrading our platform and allowing anyone to interact with it. Jump right in (get you API Key from the Applications section in your profile menu) & learn more!

TripleByte & Rollbar launch Open Collective Gift Cards

Last month we announced a new feature that enables organizations to give a code to their users or employees that they can redeem to support collectives. Today we want to share two exciting collaborations!

Triplebyte is giving every software engineer accepted on their platform $100 to donate to their favorite open source software (OSS) project. Read more about how they are thinking about creating new revenue streams for Open Source. And it’s transparent too! Follow how much and where their users are using this gift to give.

Rollbar is giving folks who sign up and download rollbar in their app $100 gift card to support open source projects! BOOM: sign up at and install Rollbar in your app.

TFW the collective you want to support is not on Open Collective…

We feel you.. That’s why we launched Pledges, a feature that allows supporters (companies and individuals) to pledge funds towards a collective that hasn’t been created yet. If you can’t find the collective you want to support, pledge to it!

News & Inspiration

🎃 Understanding user support systems in open source: Nadia Eghbal dives into one of the biggest demands on a software maintainer’s time: user support.

🎃 Offcourse launches it’s open collective. Offcourse is an open source platform for crowdsourced learning and knowledge sharing. They call it crowdlearning for short. Learn more here!

🎃 Adam and Jerod from The Changelog talk to Brett Cannon, core contributor to Python. Listen to this podcast with a call to action we can all get behind: A call for kindness in Open Source.

🎃 Our good friends Nadia Eghbal and Henry Zhu launched a podcast about faith & open source:  Source. Check it out!

Tweets that make us proud:

Last month’s Leaderboard

These are the top 10 backers from the last 30 days. Consider this when choosing where to work!
1- Trivago! ($10,000 monthly to webpack)
2 — Handshake ($10,000 monthly to babel)
3 — Material-UI (earned themselves $8,491 from their Creative Tim Affiliates Program)
4 — Facebook Open Source ($5,850 monthly to webpack, babel, storybook, material-ui, gatsby, mobx, vue, rollup , electron, jest and parse-server, docusaurus)
5 — Coinbase ($4,500 monthly rubytogether, babel, mobx, webpack, styled-components)
6 — Airbnb ($4,375 monthly to babel, chaijs, cheerio, jest react-virtualized, redux-devtools-extension, rspec, rubocop, sinon, storybook, webpack, Ruby Together, yeoman)
7 — Github ($4,000 to sustainoss)
8 — Open at Microsoft ($4,000 to sustainoss)
9 — Amp ($2,700 to babel, document-register-element, preact, rollup, webpack)
10 — ProtocolLabs ($2,000 to sustainoss)

These are the top 5 collectives by number of new backers…
1 — Fearless Cities Event +80 backers
2 — DarkreaderApp +36 backers
3 — webpack +35 backers
4 — SustainOSS +33 backers
5 — CodeNPlay +22 backers

…and the top 5 new collectives (created in the last month) by amount received.
1 — Companion ($1,370)
2 — nova-web-development ($510)
3 — svgr ($400)
4 — jest-puppeteer ($200)
5 — parisjs ($142)

Got any news or stories to share in a future newsletter? Or questions you’d like answered? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.
 — the Open Collective Team