Open Collective Update—December 2019

Open Collective Update—December 2019

Lots of new features, seeking feedback, free pizza + we're hiring!

Feedback Wanted: New Expense Flow

Expenses are how Collectives pay money out to contributors. We're working on a big update to make the whole process easier.

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Events Design Upgrade

Events are a great way to grow community, sell tickets, and manage sponsorships, with transparent budgets and expenses built-in (example).

Much Better Docs

We've been working with Brazilian documentarian Anna e só through Google Season of Docs, resulting in huge improvements to our docs.

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New Changelog

Want to stay up to date with upgrades and fixes to the Open Collective platform? We now have a changelog tracking it all in one place.

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Coming Soon:

ConversationsCommunity discussion forums! Let us know if you want early beta access.

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Dealing with Spam

We can now limit spammers from creating comments, expenses, or contributions. To get someone blocked, contact support.

Github Sponsors

We're working with Github to enable projects hosted by Open Source Collective to fundraise for their Collective through their repo.

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Work with us!

We're looking for:

  • A front-end dev to revamp our homepage (freelance project).
  • A full stack developer to join our fully remote team.

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Growing Community One Slice at a Time

Over the last couple years, Cloudflare has sponsored over $20,000 of pizza for 80+ tech meetups around the world through their Collective, reaching over 4500 people. Find out how to get your pizza sponsored!

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Collective Action for the Climate

We welcome new Collectives Fridays for Future Europe and US, and new fiscal host All For Climate, helping financial support reach the movement.

We 💙 our contributors!

If you want to get involved, check out our bounty program.

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Tweets that make us proud

Jorge Luis 📈 on Twitter
“@trivago_tech OSS conference. @opencollect stats are amazing. Building sustainability for the OSS movement.”
Jamie Clark @ Node+JS Interactive 🇨🇦 on Twitter
“Heroku staff handing out $5 donate-to-the-code-project-of-your-choice cards at #NodeJSInteractive. I really like the “give back” ethos and tone of this community. HT @opencollect @heroku @nodejs #howtofundFOSS#NodeJSInteractive”
JHipster on Twitter
“Yesterday we announced we were close to a $50,000 annual budget... With one new bronze sponsor today, we just reached it 💪Thank you so much to all our sponsors on and thank you to @opencollect for the service!”
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Monthly Leaderboard

Top Sponsors
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Trivago $144,000
Frontend Masters $26,275
Gower Street $14,800
Google Chrome $8,000
Airbnb $6,711
Facebook $5,760
Clay Global $3,450
ZEIT $2,500
Ag Grid $2,500

Top Collectives
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Liberi Oltre +133
DIM +54
Dark Reader +35

Top New Collectives
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All For Climate $13,500
Sustain Summit 2020 $3,100
Parents for Future UK $1,350