Open Collective Update—May 2019

What core contributors want, Berlin event, new stuff for fiscal hosts

Open Collective Update—May 2019

What core contributors want, Berlin event, new stuff for fiscal hosts

What Core Contributors Want

We recently asked core contributors of over 1200 open source projects about what’s most important to them. Here’s what we learned.

What Core Contributors Want
Results from our survey of open source maintainers

Maintainterati Berlin — Friday 24 May

We are proudly sponsoring this one-day unconferencence for the open source maintainer community. Every participant will receive a $25 Open Collective gift card to contribute to the open source project of their choice!

New: Fiscal Hosting Page

Fiscal hosting enables umbrella organizations to provide financial and legal infrastructure for unincorporated projects to raise and spend money. It’s what makes Open Collective such a unique and powerful tool.

Know any fiscal sponsors looking to reduce overhead and become more transparent? Or curious about how it all works? Check it out!

Also: Fiscal Host admins can now see pending applications from new Collectives on a tab in their host dashboard, in addition to email notifications.

Enriching commons by practicing with money
For the Secure Scuttlebutt community, it involves money but it’s not about money

Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) is a P2P gossip protocol (‘scuttlebutt’ is sea slang for gossip), enabling cryptographically secure decentralized databases. The main SSB use case so far is social networking, giving rise to a vibrant community who is building and using the protocol — and experimenting financially.

News & Inspiration

📝 Notes from the April 12th 2019 Sustain community meetup in San Francisco:

Why should companies sustain open source communities and how can they do that?
Notes from the Sustain community meetup in San Francisco, April 12th 2019.

🎉 Open Collective has been selected as a mentor organization for Google Season of Docs! We are seeking technical writers to get paid a stipend to work with us for three months.

⚠️ A cautionary tale about when open source fundraising goes wrong — demonstrating yet again the huge importance of transparency.

🍬 Open Source Candies is a great list of services that are free for open source projects.

🌳 Datree is a GitHub policy engine for enforcing coding standards and security policies, like keeping secrets out, blocking unrecognized committers, mandating commit message convention, and more.

Latest update from the Open Source Collective:

Open Source Collective Update #2
From our May 2019 board meeting

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