Open Collective Update—October 2019

Open Collective Update—October 2019

Collectives for the climate, doubling bounties, diversity in Drupal, and more news.

Last weekend, the Extinction Rebellion Belgium Collective organized civil disobedience in Brussels to draw attention to the climate emergency. Over 400 citizens were violently dispersed with water canons and pepper spray, then arrested—including our cofounder Xavier. We are proud that Open Collective is helping the movement!

Scaling Up Our Bounty Program

Over the last six months, we've been experimenting with issue bounties. So far, we've paid out $6,900 to 15 contributors for closing 36 issues — not bad! Now we're doubling pay rates and seeking more contributors. It's a great time to get involved!

Scaling up our Bounty Program
At our team retreat six months ago, we decided to test out a Bounty program. Wewere inspired by Collectives on our platform who are successfully using bountiesto support more contributions from their community, like Jhipster[]. Our engineering team is…

Seeking a Full Stack Engineer

Come work with us! We're looking to hire an experienced JavaScript programmer who's excited about open source, making communities sustainable, and transparent finances. More details.

New Features

Tier Goals

Set a goal per tier, with the option for a standalone page as a mini crowdfunding campaign. Example from XR Belgium.

Global Goals

Thanks to user feedback, we're bringing back overall Collective goals as an optional section, with a design refresh. Look out for it soon!

Better Rich Text Editor

Featured Collective

Taking on Diversity & Inclusion in the Drupal Community
We spoke with Drupal Diversity and Inclusion team leader Tara King about how her team are going beyond the depressing statistics and achieving real change.

Interview with Drupal Diversity and Inclusion team leader Tara King.

"It’s super exciting to see change happening. We’re making tangible improvements in people's lives, which improves the community, which improves the software."

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News & Inspiration

🛣️ Open Collective Roadmap: see what's coming up!

⚖️ Balancing Makers and Takers: Dries on why Open Source projects need to embrace new governance, coordination and incentive models.

🤔 The Internet Relies on People Working for Free: Who should be responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting open-source projects?

📚 Open Collective team member Alanna is teaching an online course about leadership in collaborative environments starting 28 Oct.

🎙️ CEO Pia is on the latest episode of Heroku's Code[ish] podcast, with others making the lives of open source maintainers a little easier.

🤟🏾 Open Sourcing Mental Illness is changing how we talk about mental health in the tech community.

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