Open Collective Update—September 2019

Open Collective Update—September 2019

Launching: New Collective Page

A big update to the design of Collective pages is going live in the next few days (and Individual and Organization profiles too)!

To preview the new look, append "V2" to the end of the URL. For example:

If you have any last minute feedback, post it here.

We're hiring!

Marketing: Open Source Collective seeks passionate open source sustainability advocate to take us to the next level with skills in sales, marketing, partnerships, and fundraising.

Engineering: Open Collective seeks a full stack engineer experienced with JavaScript who’s excited about open source, making communities sustainable, and transparent finances.

$100 Blog Bounties

We want to hear your story! Our issue bounty program has been a big success—now we want to extend it beyond just code. Write a guest post about how you are using Open Collective and we'll pay you a blog bounty. Get in touch if you're interested.

Featured Sponsors

Indeed's FOSS Sustainability Fund

Duane O'Brien on how to institutionalize corporate open source support, and even better, decentralize the decision making to their engineering force.

"We teach open source, we use open source, and we support open source."

Frontend Masters regularly appears on our leaderboard for their contributions to the open source ecosystem. Founder Marc Grabanski explains why.

News & Inspiration

🎧 Open Collective team member Alanna has been on two recent podcasts: on Leadermorphosis talking about leadership, decisions and money in bossless organisations, and on GlobalActive talking about collaborative tech and her book Better Work Together.

🎙️ CEO Pia continues the Sustain our Software podcast every Friday. See the latest episodes.

📓 Anna's work through Google's Season of Docs program is going strong. See the update here and join the #documentation Discord channel to get involved.

🔥 Feross recaps his controversial open source funding experiment, which showed ads in install logs. We have also updated our policy on postinstall messages.

🎁 splits up your single cryptocurrency donation between all your npm dependencies.

🌍 We're going on Strike for the Climate on Sept 20th!

Tweets that make us proud

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Eutopia Foundation $50,000
Frontend Masters $48,795
Webflow $11,450
Chrome $10,000
Indeed $10,000
Facebook $5,860
Airbnb $5,376
Trace Events $5,000
Intel $5,000
Jonathan Snook $5,000
Protocol Labs $5,000

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Webpack +38
Darkreader +30
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Texas Camp $4,525
WWCode Connect Asia $1,200
Drupal Bootstrap $555
Logback Android $300