October 2017 Investors update

Dear investors,

October 2017 Investors update

Dear investors,

Quick ask: I’ll be in DC tomorrow (short notice). Anyone I should meet there that you could introduce me to? (Ideally people at forward thinking foundations in need of transparency).

Here is a quick update for October.

Last month Facebook joined as an organization on open Collective and already contributed $5,200 to 8 different collectives. And it’s only the beginning. We are very excited about that.

Team is growing:

  • Alanna gave birth to a baby girl Ziva 👶
  • Pia’s daughter Roma just turned 2 🎂

Given that it will take a while before they can start contributing code, we decided to continue nevertheless with our plan to hire a first full-time engineer. We could always use more referrals.



  • $81k Total donations through the platform: +15%
  • $4.1k Total revenue: +15%
  • 1,912 unique backers: +4% (3,885 unique backers to date)
  • 242 Active collectives: +8%
  • 37 active Hosts (100 total hosts)
  • 2,437 Transactions: +4%
  • Burn rate: $33k

September (for reference):

  • 3,412 Backers: +14% (cumulative to date)
  • 226 Active collectives: +9%
  • $72k Total donations through the platform: +28% (Two large one-time donations that won’t carry over to next month)
  • $3,591 Total revenue: +28%
  • 35 active Hosts (95 total hosts)
  • 2,307 Transactions: +19%
  • Burn rate: $39k


  • SustainOSS: The Report is out! See Pia’s post for a short version and the full report here.