Open Collective Update—August 2021

Open Collective Update—August 2021

"Solidarity as our guiding principle"

Open Collective Foundation has published a newly clarified strategy: to create a legal, financial, and technical commons for the solidarity economy. We can build bridges between 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship, open source, mutual aid groups, and the solidarity movement.

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Solidarity as our Guiding Principle
Open Collective Foundation is creating a legal, financial, and technical commons for the solidarity economyOCF has a unique role to play as steward of a legal, financial, and technical commons—a piece of shared infrastructure—that is resonating deeply with the solidarity economy movement. We can bui…

A new initiative of Open Collective Foundation, Study-into-Action, is offering a series of 7 amazing peer learning sessions for cultural innovators of the solidarity economy.

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Monthly Open Calls

One of the best things about Open Collective platform is joining a community of other groups like yours. Come along to ask questions, learn, share and give feedback.

Seeking alpha testers

We're partnering with Metagov to build governance tooling and integrations, such as a process of voting to approve an expense on Open Collective. If you're interested in testing and giving feedback, please let us know!

Making funding happen for Happen Films

This film crew in NZ uses the medium of movies to showcase inspiring solutions to the wicked problems of our times. The Gift Collective fiscal host enabled them to receive a grant to produce their latest project.

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Making funding happen for Happen Films
Using the medium of movies to showcase inspiring solutions to the wicked problems of our times. Happen Films believes the solutions are out there, and that people are already pioneering the transition we need in society. They find and share these stories to inspire others to make change happen in

News & Inspiration

🤠 OBS Project has launched a bounty program, allowing them to communicate the needs of the project and compensate those who spend their time and expertise to meet them.

🛡️ Securing Open Source Software at the Source: a report. "Open source software is widely relied upon, but poorly supported, putting national security at risk... The U.S. federal government must take action to better catalogue and fund the open source software ecosystem."

🪴 Understanding the Perpetual Purpose Trust: rewriting the rules to create a more just economy through open sourcing new models for ownership, governance, and finance.

🌎 Welcome The Week to Open Collective: a new playbook to address ​climate and ecological breakdown that leads you through a deeply emotional journey and flips cultural norms for a profound shift and sustained action.

🕸️ The Usenet Big-8 Management Board has joined Open Collective: “Usenet’s transparency and lack of centralized control give it important advantages over newer forms of social media. It’s versatile, resilient, and resistant to censorship in ways that Facebook and Twitter can never be.”

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  1. Ford Foundation $552,500
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  3. Chicago Food Sovereignty Coalition $50,000
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  5. Chicago Food Policy Action Council $25,000
  6. Chicago Region Food System Fund $25,000

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