Open Collective Update - August 2023

Open Collective Update - August 2023

It’s been a busy few months so far at Open Collective. Get the latest updates from our collectives and SCN is hiring!

Collectives share their Progress

It’s always exciting to hear about everything that collectives have achieved with the help of Open Collective and our network of fiscal hosts.

Last month, we got an update on the collectives hosted by Open Collective Foundation, who have been doing amazing things around the world. These include:

You can find the full list of collective updates here.

We’re always interested in hearing about your projects and success, so if you’ve got an exciting update, please let us know.

The Social Change Nest is Hiring!

The Social Change Nest our largest UK Fiscal Host on Open Collective is hiring. Their small team is growing - Get involved in creating social impact using social innovation, peer networks, community organizing, collaboration and systemic and organizational change approaches.

They are looking for two new amazing people who are passionate about social change and finance.

News and Inspiration

A few things we’re excited about this month…

🎏 The Digital Infrastructure Insights Fund (D//F) is launching a 2023 Request for Proposals. Sustaining a platform for researchers and practitioners, fostering a deeper understanding of how open digital infrastructure is built, deployed and maintained. The submission deadline for proposals is October 1st.

🇺🇦 The Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (SUCH) initiative was set up in March 2022 to protect digitized content and materials from attacks and power outages. It attracted around 1,000 volunteers in its first week and had archived over 50TB of material by June. Find out more about their progress.

🪟 10 Funding Opportunities For Your Open Source Project - This reference guide includes 24 real examples to help you get the community to fund your open-source project.

🤝🏽 It’s been an eventful decade for Pasquines, which was set up in June 2013 to strengthen the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States. The collective shares more about its achievements and hopes for the future in this reflective post.

🖼️ Open Source Maintainers are exploring the people, practices, and constraints facing the world’s most critical open source software projects

🌞 Climate for All is working on developing innovative games to drive education on sustainability. This groundbreaking project aims to harnesses the power of educational games to foster sustainability and climate action skills in young adults and youth workers. If you’re keen to help them succeed, take a closer look at their website and give if you can.


Post your #events in our Discord and we’ll promote them here...

🦓 25th - 26th August - Regens Unite London - A gathering in East London for technologists, healers, finance workers, charities, environmentalists and creatives to establish new relationships, and unite.

🦔 1st September - OCF Monthly Community Forum

🐢 4th September - September Welcome Party (for OCF Collectives only)

🪲 15th - 16th September - Regens Unite Berlin - Regenerative thinkers and doers in DAOs, ReFi, DeSci, Platform Coops, Purpose Orgs, Climate Activism, and Art to co-create & share projects, knowledge, food, kindness and hope.

🐸 21st September - Open Source Collective Community Call

Posts that make us proud

Monthly Leaderboard

Top Contributors

By Contribution this month (USD)

Omidyar Network $600,000

Automattic Inc $400,000

Georgetown University $278,000

Microsoft Edge $250,000

Amateur Radio Dig Comms $150,000

Metagovernance Project $127,500

Kolibri Foundation $100,000

Michael Reese Health Trust $100,000

Missouri Found. for Health $89,000

Goldman Sachs Foundation $50,000

Top Collectives

By Contribution this month (USD)

The Tech We Want $600,000

Manifest Grants $400,000

OpenMined $328,000

Open Web Docs $251,273

Sueños Sin Fronteras $117,646

By Contributors this month

Builders Fund $250,000


Elevated Minds $5,072

Zenoch Community Hub $5,072

Tag la Vérité $2,885

Top New Collectives

By Contributions (USD)

Fedibird Infrastructure 447

Logseq 427

AnkiDroid 301 211

OpenCore Legacy Patcher 205

By Contributors

The Odin Project 155

Flashpoint Archive 34

Regens Unite London 16

Bldrweb 13

Open Practice Library 13

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