Open Collective Update - November 2021

Open Collective Update - November 2021

Exit to Community

In the future, Open Collective wants to transfer ownership of the platform to our community. We're working toward that, and we want to take you all with us on the learning journey—transparently (of course!). CEO Pia Mancini invites you to...

Early musings on “Exit to Community” for Open Collective
How can we future-proof Open Collective Inc. for the thousands of communities around the world that rely on it?

Did you know...

You can create standalone tier pages with rich descriptions and embedded videos? Like a mini crowdfunding campaign within your Collective! Here's a great example. To use this feature, create a tier and flip the 'standalone page' toggle.

Governance Tool Integrations

Want to vote on Open Collective expense approvals on Slack, Loomio, or Discord? Or link up processes across Discourse, SourceCred, and Github? Metagov Gateway can help! They want to build cross-platform workflows for interested Collectives.

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Govern your Collective with Metagov Gateway
The Metagov Gateway helps communities govern themselves by connecting decision-making tools and governance services to platforms where decisions need to be made. Over the past couple months, we’ve been working with Open Collective communities who are using the Gateway to improve their governance. On…

Seeking Feedback on Platform Ethics

The Open Collective Community Guidelines address some types of bad behavior, but gray areas keep coming up. How do we stand up for our values and mission through what's allowed on the platform, while enabling diversity? We're seeking your feedback as we develop a policy.

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News for Fiscal Hosts

Fiscal Hosts are the entities that hold funds for Collectives behind the scenes. We've recently launched a new Host admin panel and rich reporting feature, among other news that Host Admins will want to know about.

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News for Fiscal Hosts
Fiscal Hosts are the entities that hold funds for Collectives behind the scenes—the platform power users! We’ve got some news and features to share with you. Exit to CommunityWe have announced our plans to transition ownership and governance of the Open Collective platform to its community, and we t…

From Open Collective Foundation...

  • Updates We Love highlights 26 amazing OCF groups bringing solidarity and change to food, justice, education, health, technology, art, and more.
OCF Updates We Love — Autumn 2021
Check out these inspirational updates from initiatives hosted by Open Collective Foundation:🌟 Rogers Parks Free Store has distributed over 14,000 necessary items within their community in Chicago. 🌟 Study-into-Action shares their next steps following the completion of their cohort to progress the…

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News & Inspiration

👭🏾 OCF team members Alanna Irving and Lauren Ruffin discuss how Occupy still resonates a decade later, entrepreneurship for systemic change, rethinking fiscal sponsorship and financial tooling, and discovering yourself through burnout and balance.

🪜 Alanna also gave this super quick 4 minute explanation of what Open Collective is, our Exit to Community vision, and how distributed leadership fits in.

🎤 Pia on the How to Citizen podcast: how Open Collective enables circles in a world made for triangles.

⚕️A new project tells their story: improving equity in sustainable access to medical treatments.

π Igalia has launched the MathML-Core Support Collective with US$75,000 in initial seed funding, to help facilitate the use and display of mathematical and scientific content online.

🤝 New TED talk by Trebor Scholz: How platform co-ops democratize work. Very relevant to Open Collective's Exit to Community aspirations!

🏫 Mike Strode from the Open Collective Foundation team has been selected for an Anti Oppression Resource and Training Alliance Apprenticeship. Congrats! If you're in Chicago, catch Mike presenting at Chi Hack Night on Nov 16!

💝 Is your mutual aid collective experiencing burnout? Watch this 6-minute video about negotiating these feelings and recovering joy.

🇨🇦 Calling all Canadians! Seeking collaborators for a new Open Collective Canada fiscal host. Interested? Email us.

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