Open Collective Update - May 2022

Open Collective Update - May 2022

5.4M dollars raised, direct relief for 5000+ families

1K Project is a distributed peer-to-peer support network that empowers sponsors anywhere in the world to send $1,000 directly to the bank account of a Ukrainian family (whether still in the country or as refugees).

1K Project partnered with Open Collective Foundation to enable pooling donations to fund families. Outside of Open Collective, individuals could sponsor a single family directly, but most larger donors and philanthropies can generally only fund a formal nonprofit. Open Collective is essential to enabling partnerships with companies like Yahoo, who sponsored 450 families with a $450,000 donation.

In this heartfelt conversation, we speak with Ukrainian-American founder Alex Iskold.

"As you can imagine, it has been incredibly chaotic, with a lot of sleepless nights and stress. But we’re making a pretty significant difference in people’s lives."

Massive congratulations on their recent $1.1m match funding campaign 🎉

1K Project: Peer-to-peer help for Ukraine
1K Project has raised $5.4 million for direct relief to 5,000+ families affected by the war. In this heartfelt conversation, we speak with Ukrainian-American founder Alex Iskold.Alex Iskold is living the American dream. Now in New York, he was born in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi during

Welcome NumFOCUS, a new fiscal host to 40+ projects, with a mission to promote open practices in research, data, and scientific computing 🧬🔬

Building the team to deliver on Open Source Collective's Strategy

We've been busy building the team to deliver on our strategy and to support our community of maintainers, contributors, and financial supporters. With that in mind we're excited to introduce to you Lauren, Richard and Ronen 🎉

Building the team to deliver on Open Source Collective’s Strategy
In January Open Source Collective, the foundation and fiscal host for over 3,000 open source communities, published its strategy. The strategy outlined a vision for the organisation: We are actively working toward a world in which it is as rewarding and financially secure to build and maintain soft…

Work at a Mission-Driven Tech Company with High Impact that Cares about You

We are looking for a senior "full-stack" software engineer who’s excited about open source, making communities sustainable, and transparent finances 💸

We are hiring!

Podcasts galore!

🎙 CEO Pia Mancini's interview on Thinking out loud podcast - Building sustainable open-source projects and the Exit to Community (E2C) strategy we are exploring

👩🏼‍💻 Making Sense of Web3: CEO Pia Mancini's interview on the Life itself podcast - learn about Open Collective, steward ownership and exit to community

🙇🏼 COO Alanna Irving's interview on the Frontiers of Commoning Podcast - hacking organizational structures with our values, the benefits of distributed leadership, and the confidence that comes from managing risk together

News & Inspiration

🏰 Head along to OC Europe's event in Paris on May 24th

🌿 Happen Films is building the gift economy for their Community Supported Filmmaking

🌻 OCF monthly community forum - 3rd June

✈️ EVENT: Paths to Sustainable Fuels: Scalability of biofuels, challenges in the water-energy-food nexus and paths to sustainable aviation fuels

🔍 We've fixed up the Search feature on the platform! Add Tags to Collectives (Settings -> Info) to make them easier to find

👾 Open Source Compensation - Talking Drupal #346

🎉 Providing access to housing justice - collaborative action by Edmund Hillary Fellows

🤯 Missed OFCs Solidarity economy 101 event - You're in luck! Watch the recording or this testimonial

🌻 Babel - community maintained compiler for evolving the future of JavaScript reached $1M raised

⏰ What is Time Banking? Check out this awesome reel by @danafortune

🤟🏼 Open Collective Foundation has supported the full translation of the Open Collective platform to Spanish!

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