Open Collective Update - November 2020

Open Collective Update - November 2020

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Amidst the election, a new network map analyzes politicians' tweets. This open-source anti-'infodemic' tool can tell you who Trump interacts with and who has influence on politicians online.

Amidst the election, a new network map analyzes politicians’ tweets
This open-source anti-‘infodemic’ tool can tell you who Trump interacts with andwho has influence on politicians online.“The ‘infodemic’ we are experiencing now works in many ways like a pandemic,”says SMAT co-creator Emmi Bevensee. The Social Media Analysis Toolkit (SMAT) was designed to help …


A conference celebrating Black excellence in tech, creating an apprenticeship pipeline, and providing a space for Black people in tech to learn, grow, and amplify their voices.

Celebrating Black Excellence in Tech
Juneteenth Conference & a Tech Apprenticeship Pipeline

▶️  Program updates from OSC, including FOSS Contributor Funds, dependency graphing, and the latest from Sustain.

🖥️ provides a video-conferencing service built on open source tools, helped by funding from their Collective.

🇳🇿  Open Collective New Zealand has a new website and is launching a partnership enabling charity fundholding.

🏃 The Endurance Scholarship, which provides financial support to Chicago students of color, is expanding its program due to an influx of donations.

🍏 Humboldt Park Solidarity Network has delivered 54,250 pounds of fresh produce and dairy to families in need.

🙅 The creator of faker.js takes a stand against companies using open source without giving back, saying "No more free work".

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