Open Collective Update—October 2021

Open Collective Update—October 2021

New ways to pay

Cryptocurrency is now enabled for Open Source Collective, and we hope to offer them more widely soon. If your Collective is with OSC, go to settings > tiers and tick "Enable Crypto contributions" to opt in.

Recurring PayPal is live (previously only for one-time contributions)—a small but meaningful improvement to give payers more options.

Stock donations are now available. Support amazing projects, with great tax benefits. We now have an automated process for OSC and can facilitate it manually for OCF.

Money Flows, Explained

Two interactive graphs with explainer videos, one simplified and one in-depth, explaining how you can transparently trace where every dollar from a contribution goes on Open Collective.

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How Money Flows through Open Collective
Two interactive graphs with explainer videos, one simplified and one in-depth. Thanks to the platform’s financial transparency, you can trace exactly what happens to each dollar, and these can explainers show how it all works. Money Flows: SimplifiedInteractive graph → Money Flows: In-DepthInteracti…

Strategic Plan: Solidarity in Action

A rundown of what Open Collective Foundation is currently doing, what we plan to get started on soon, what we're seeking input on, and ideas for the future. We invite you to help us shape where we go next!

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OCF’s Strategic Plan: Solidarity in Action
Here’s what we’re up to—we want your feedback!Not long ago, OCF announced our strategy focused on solidarity. Now we want to share a more concrete plan to put it into action. Here’s a rundown of what the OCF team is currently doing, what we plan to get started

Join a monthly open call

Connect with other Collectives and OC staff to get your questions answered, give feedback, and learn from one another.

Blog Highlights

🎃 Hacktoberfest Expands to Funding

For 8 years, Hactoberfest has been encouraging participation in the open source community through contributing code. It's now broadening to also include giving money to projects.

🦠 The Ersilia Open Source Initiative

How financial transparency is helping an important mission: research against infectious diseases and artificial intelligence for development of new medicines.

📚 Pionir Free School

Transforming education in Serbia. Students constructed their own school and curriculum, and now they're creating open source and commons, and meaningfully impacting their community.

🖥️ Morevna Project

See how financial transparency leads to community engagement in this cool project developing open-source technologies for animation.

News & Inspiration

Two podcasts with Open Collective CEO Pia Mancini: The demise of the nation state through technology and blockchain, and Designing for Digital Democracy: how to move from chaotic populism to a constructive model of participation and empowerment.

Techtonica applications open now! Six months of free, intensive, hands-on software engineering learning, followed by six months of placement or job search support for women and non-binary adults with low incomes.

TechUp is a collaborative space uniting capacity building and social participation. Programmers are the next generation of Human and Digital Rights defenders!

Exercism is a non-profit offering a fun and effective way to learn any of 55 programming languages through a unique blend of learning, practice and mentoring, for free! They've just launched v3.

Problem Shared offers tools for task tracking, communication, decision-making, and documentation for collaborative groups.

Posts that make us proud

Monthly Leaderboard

Top Contributors
Facebook $198,000
Austin Mutual Aid $95,000
Code for Science & Society $62,000
Meyer Foundation $50,000
Laguna Labs $40,560

Top Collectives
By contributions this month (USD)
The Week $387,976
OpenMined $200,444
ATX Mental Health $50,765

By contributors this month
Lewisham Donation Hub 189
Dark Reader 104
COP26 Fundraiser 101

Top New Collectives
By contributions (USD)
Drive By Howdy $45,440
COP26 Fundraiser $12,652
Blocks of Care $12,000

By contributors
COP26 Fundraiser 101
Circle City Mutual Aid 16
Northern Youth Voices 9