Open Source Collective News—Nov 2019

Open Source Collective News—Nov 2019

New Funding Options


A new feature enables funding directly through a Sponsor button on project repos and payment through Github to your Collective. To activate it, you need an entity and a bank account for your project—luckily, we already provide that as your fiscal sponsor! We're working with Github to offer Collectives early access to this invite-only feature.

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In collaboration with Open Collective, npm has added support for a brand new funding field in package.json. After npm install, developers will be notified of packages seeking funding and can type npm fund to see more info. To participate, you'll need to add the "funding" property to package.json and publish a new version.

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Back Your Stack

Funders can now make a single payment to support all their dependencies at once, and we'll automatically disburse the money to Collectives.

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61 Local, 61 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY
Monday, November 25 at 7:00pm

Welcoming Open Collective CEO Pia Mancini, Molly de Blanc from Open Source Initiative, GNOME, and Software Freedom Conservancy, Andy Bonventre, leader of the Go open source project at Google, Saasify founder Travis Fischer, author and grant writer Sumana Harihareswara, Hacktoberfest co-founder and Digital Ocean dev advocate Daniel Zaltsman, Dan Kohn, Executive Director of Cloud Native Computing Foundation—and you!

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Sponsor Profiles

What motivates sponsors to fund open source? Get the inside story!


"It gives us access to a diverse talent pool that would be impossible to build internally. I think of it as having expertise on retainer."

How funding open source gives ZEIT access to world-class talent
Interview with ZEIT [] founder Guillermo Rauch and Head of GrowthSarup Banskota. What is ZEIT?Sarup:Our goal is to make the cloud accessible for everybody. We want it to be easyfor you to make stuff on the internet. We develop Next.js […

Frontend Masters

"Open source is foundational to everything we do. We teach open source, we use open source, and we support open source."

Frontend Masters: “We teach open source, we use open source, and we support open source.”
Frontend Masters regularly appears on our leaderboard for their contributions to the open source ecosystem. They’ve sponsored nearly 40 projects and show no signs of slowing down. I spoke to founder Marc Grabanski to find out why.

OSC News

Alyssa Wright joins Open Source Collective
Welcome to the team! Alyssa’s skills in business development, marketing,strategy, fundraising, and partnerships will help Collectives thrive and createa more sustainable open source ecosystem. We are thrilled to have her with us. Alyssa is an experienced leader of open source business and commun…
  • And welcome to our two new board members, Samson Goddy of Open Source Community Africa and Eric Berry from CodeFund.
  • Notes from the October OSC board meeting, including our transparent finances and operational updates.
Open Source Collective Update #6
From our October 2019 board meeting.The Open Source Collective [] is a 501(c)(6) non-profitorganization serving as a fiscal sponsor to over 1,500 open source projects onOpen Collective. We believe in transparency, so we’re publishing regular recapsof what happens in our …
Scaling up our Bounty Program
At our team retreat six months ago, we decided to test out a Bounty program. Wewere inspired by Collectives on our platform who are successfully using bountiesto support more contributions from their community, like Jhipster[]. Our engineering team is…

Ecosystem News