Open Collective Update—February 2020

Open Collective Update—February 2020

New Homepage, Github Sponsors Integration, Roadmap Update + more

We Have a New Homepage!

Check out the big update to

New Funding Options for Open Source

Open Source Collective is enabling more revenue channels.

Github Sponsors

Raise money for your Collective right through your GitHub repo. You can now select Open Collective when signing up for GitHub Sponsors and link up your Collective.

Double the Love! 💞
GitHub Sponsors and Open Collective team up for sustainability! We are thrilled to share that GitHub Sponsors and Open Collective are linking upto help open source projects thrive. Open source projects can now use OpenCollective to receive and manage funds as an organization through GitHubSponso…


You can now give Bitcoin to Tor Project, Secure Scuttlebutt, OpenIntents, and OSC. Help us test it out with your spare BTC, or get Bitcoin enabled for your own Collective. Sign up >

Back from Brussels

We're back from an amazing week of events, including Sustain Summit, FOSDEM, and our team retreat. Some highlights:

News for Fiscal Hosts

Fiscal Hosts are the entities behind the scenes who make it possible for Collectives to receive and spend money.

We've recently introduced new paid plans for fiscal hosts. (Note: fees for Collectives are not changing, only fees for hosts).

New Paid Plans for Fiscal Hosts
We are launching updated features for Fiscal Hosts on Open Collective, with anew pricing plan.Fiscal Hosts are the entities behind the scenes who make it possible forCollectives to receive and spend money, these changes apply to them. The Story So FarWe started Open Collective with a revenue …

The new fees will enable us to create great new features for hosts, like redesigning the dashboard. We'd love feedback from host admins! Dashboard Redesign >

Collectives for the Climate

Contributor Appreciation

We're very grateful to members of our community for reporting vulnerabilities, upgrading the discover page, implementing Open Street Maps for events, and improvements to documentation and widgets!

Open Collective on Twitter
“Our first thank you thread of the new decade! Thank you to all our contributors who help Open Collective thrive. We couldn’t do it without you 🙏♥️Friends! Please notice their work and who they are.”

Thank you thread >

Tweets that make us proud

Monthly Leaderboard

Top Sponsors
Consider this when deciding where to work!
Mozilla $50,000
Eutopia Foundation $50,000
Frontend Masters $32,975
AMP Project $26,200
Backblaze $15,600
Facebook $11,750
Github $10,000
Salesforce $7,000
Airbnb $6,795

Top Collectives
by new backers
Liberi Oltre +329
OSCA Fest 2020 +243
Fridays for Future US +50

Top New Collectives
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OS Speed Dating $50,000
Liberi Oltre $22,000
Hapi $5,000