Open Collective Update—July 2020

Open Collective Update—July 2020

Zero fees for charity

Open Collective is waiving platform fees for Collectives in Open Collective Foundation and other charity Fiscal Hosts.

Zero Platform Fees for Charitable Collectives
Open Collective is waiving its platform fees for charitable Collectives fiscallysponsored by Open Collective Foundation and other charity hosts. Over the last few months, we’ve been privileged to support a massive communityresponse to COVID-19 by 250+ Collectives[…

The Power of Mutual Aid

Over 250 Collectives have raised more than $2m for pandemic response, from delivering groceries to people in isolation, to sourcing PPE for medical staff, to helping homeless people, to looking out for privacy in COVID apps.

$2m for COVID-19: Stories of Solidarity
Over the last few months, we’ve been privileged to support a massive communityresponse to COVID-19 by 250+ Collectives[]. We waived our fees[/wearenotealone/] for three months so these amazing groups could focus alltheir resources on critical wor…

FOSS Responders

Springing into action to help open source projects feeling the economic fallout from COVID-19, FOSS Responders raised $105,000 at their recent virtual event.

Building an Open Source Care Plane, aka FOSS Responders
The story of FOSS Responders and our UPLIFT! event – an event of open source financial support ($105K!) and celebration (7 time zones!) It is a story of sustaining open source during an unprecedented time of disruption and change.

New expenses list

You can now filter and search, plus perform key actions, right from the expenses screen. Thanks very much to @PSudharaka for helping with this feature! Remember, we run an active bounty program for issues.

New ethical ads network

Read the Docs has been sustainable by running ethical ads for almost 5 years. As CodeFund has shut down, they’re now opening their network EthicalAds to more projects. If you want to make some money for your open source project without compromising privacy, check it out.

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Top Financial Contributors

1. Aspiration Tech $50,000
2. Chrome $12,000
3. Ekimetrics $11,333
4. Eric Aubut $10,000
5. Gadsby $9,750
6. Airbnb $6,837
7. Insurgo $5,661
8. Cybozu $3,696
9. Ag Grid $2,500
10. Vercel $2,500