Open Collective Update—April 2021

Open Collective Update—April 2021

Funds for Open Source

Our new initiative, Funds for Open Source, has hit a nerve!

"Open Collective opens cash conduit between tech biz and unappreciated developers."

The Register

"Open Collective is trying to make working full-time for an open-source project an alternative to a career developing for a for-profit company."

SD Times

"Airbnb already has a fund. Indeed already has a fund. More to come?"


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Introducing: Funds for Open Source
Helping companies invest in open source projects because we want open source creators to have a good livelihood and work sustainably, which is critical to the health of the whole ecosystem.

Platform Improvements

  • Updates: Keep your community up to date! We've upgraded the text editor, improved formatting in emails, mobile, and online, better surfaced recipients, and released Updates for Projects.
  • Online Events: When creating an event, you can now pick "online" for the location, and add a URL and instructions for participants.
  • Flexible Tiers: Allow both one-off or recurring contributions within the same tier, instead of having to pick one or the other.
  • Webhooks: Smarter integrations with Slack and Discord, so you can automatically post activity into your chat space.

New Pricing Page

Open Collective pricing can be a bit complex to explain, given the different ways people engage with the platform. We've designed a new page to lay it all out clearly.

Our pricing →

News & Inspiration

  • Welcome to our newest team member, Ben Nickolls! He is stepping in as ED of OSC, and CPO of Open Collective.
Hello from Open Source Collective’s new Executive Director
Hey. I’m Ben, the new Executive Director of The Open Source Collective!
  • Open Collective Foundation continues growing fast. See the latest OCF update for incredible stories of communities across the US.
Open Collective Foundation Update — March 2021
New Help DocumentationA huge upgrade to our docs has just been published. Need to explain what fiscalhosting is, provide tax info to a funder, or learn how to make the most of ourservices? This is your resource! [] ---------------------------------------…
  • Introducing Casa Hacker, a new fiscal host in Brazil! Learn more in English or Portuguese.
Meet Casa Hacker
A non-profit hackerspace in the marginalized outskirts of BrazilOn the outskirts of Campinas city (83km from São Paulo), Casa Hacker occupies apublic community space and expands digital inclusion and education in peripheralregions for historically marginalized people. (Read in Brazilian Portugue…
  • Open Collective Foundation's Internet Freedom Fund is starting to see real research getting published, like this paper on the social media 'infodemic'.
  • The IO Foundation runs a monthly event called TechUP, to support the next generation of Human and Digital Rights defenders: programmers. They want to hear from those seeking and offering support with capacity and skill building.
  • Terra Incognita NYC is a report that maps how digital public space emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, including mutual aid groups, hundreds of which joined our platform.

Tweets that make us proud

Monthly Leaderboard

Top Financial Contributors

  1. Hopewell Fund $20,000
  2. Bennett Smith $13,941
  3. XR France $12,168
  4. ThemeIsle $10,400
  5. Indeed $10,000
  6. PolyPoly $8,423
  7. Capacity Project $8,124
  8. Airbnb $7,837
  9. Jesse Cool $7,700
  10. Chrome $7,500

Top Collectives

by new contributors

  1. Ankidroid +279
  2. Mpls Northside Mutual Aid +238
  3. Women Who Code Atlanta +144

Top New Collectives

by contributions

  1. Countering Slowdown $21,244
  2. Southern Solidarity $18,525
  3. Ev. Fight for Black Lives $6,121